NESS1 jewellery pieces are valuable creations made with precious materials and metals. To preserve and ensure their original beauty over time, it is recommended that you follow our advice on use and maintenance. 

-To clean NESS1 jewels it is recommended to use water (except in models with sapphire glass elements), a soft bristle brush and a microfiber cloth. Do not add sprays or soaps that can affect the brightness of the creations. 

-It is advisable to remove the jewels before going to sleep, before the practice of any sporting activity, and when washing or using corrosive products. Avoid contact with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, and chlorine. Keep the jewellery away from sources of excessive heat and avoid exposing them to sudden changes in temperature (sauna, whirlpool, spa, etc.)

-Diamonds are by far the brightest and hardest precious gemstones, consequently they can scratch the softest materials. In this regard, it is recommended to store diamond jewelry away from gold-only models. The chains must be closed and extended to prevent them from tangling. In order not to lose or damage the jewels, carefully place them in their original packaging.

-The sapphire glass used in this creation is high-grade jewellery quality, but it should be cared for like any other work of art: avoid impacts or jolts to the piece and remember that Ness1 pieces should not be exposed to water.

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